Creating Images for Blogs and Social Media

Creating Images for Blogs and Social Media Use

Hello this is Kevin O’Brien and Wayne Widdleton with the SMB Acceleration Show!

Before we get into today’s show….

We have a great show ahead today. We’re gonna be building on last week’s show and get small business owners ready to accelerate their business growth in 2020.

Today’s show is going to be a focus on creating images for your blogs and social media.

Blogging is still highly effective and still not enough businesses are utilizing this timeless strategy.

Incorporate Visuals – Wayne provides tips on how to create blog images.

Should I use type in my posts? How do videos rate vs still photo’s? Where can I access free images if I can’t create my own? What platforms are best to use?

  1. Canva
  2. GetStencil
  3. PicMonkey
  4. Adobe Creative Suite – Mobile Apps.