Small Business Social Media Tips for 2020

Kevin and Wayne explore the best ways for businesses to be using Social Media in 2020. 

Kevin makes a bold statement about Facebook, which leaves Wayne speechless. See if you agree.

Small Business Social Media in 2020

Let’s talk social media because it’s one area we’re constantly getting question.

First, should social media be a part of every small business marketing strategy?

Let’s talk about how small businesses should be using social media in 2020.

I guess the easiest way would be to go platform by platform.

Quick thought before we get into the platforms. I’ve always felt a blog is basically an extension of your social media strategy – what’s your thoughts?

  1. Facebook
    1. Business page strategies for 2020
      1. Should organic still be used?
      2. Paid strategies that won’t break the bank
      3. Facebook Business Manager
      4. Instagram
    2. Wayne’s recent breaking followers for his profile – what he found changing up his stratgy
    3. What types of items should be created