Small Business Video Tips – SMB Acceleration Show, December 2, 2019

As we mentioned before the break, There’s a few things we wanted to bring up this week that we didn’t get to touch on in last week’s show on using video to market your small business.

  1. YouTube is 2nd largest search engine in the world

    1. Importance of understanding the type of searches on YouTube. Lots of people looking hot to do things/answers to questions.
    2. Why an ad budget should be used for every video. Even $1 – $3
  2. Optimizing your Youtube videos.

    1. When you’re done shooting the video make sure that you rename the filename with relevant keywords (ideally you will using the keywords in your title of your blog post, but you may not have decided on this yet.).
    2. Youtube titles have a 100 character limit and the most important keywords should begin the video title. Some good words to include in titles are “How To” “:About” “Understanding”
    3. The video description field allows for a maximum of 5,000 characters. The description should include a summary of the video along with a link to additional resources like the Industrial Investments  website, any relevant links mentioned in the article,
    4. Tags can use up to 120 characters, so it’s best to start with the most relevant tags and then add them in order of importance.
    5. Add annotations
    6. Create a “channel trailer” explaining the video blog (
    7. Update all your email signature files with a link to your new video podcast episode Add a new Link To Your Video In Your Email Signature

      1. If using GMail/G Suite it’ll show a thumbnail for a video link.
  3. Promoting Your Videos
    1. Email your mailing list (Become An Industrial Insider Insider List)
    2. Update your email signature to include a link to the video blog
    3. Share YouTube Video via email, Google+ and Twitter
    4. Upload video to Facebook page directly and share
    5. Update your Twitter profile to include the link of the latest episode
    6. Share your post image on Pinterest
    7. Share in any Facebook groups you belong to
    8. Buy Facebook Ads targeting a narrowly defined audience ($5 an episode)
    9. Buy Youtube Ads around relative searches ($5 an episode)
    10. Share on LinkedIn in groups, your status and to all your contacts

Break – We’re going to take a break…when we come back we’re going to be talking about a question Injabe for Wayne. It came up during Thanksgiving and I’d love to get his thoughts.

Before we go though, just a reminder if you miss any of the show you can catch it on our website or anywhere podcasts are found. Also, small business owners check out our listener special.